What is Pink Therapy?

What is Pink Therapy you ask?

Well basically, I wanted to create a place where I could share my knowledge and experiences about the things I’ve learned going through breast cancer, twice, in the last 11 years. I have also been a massage therapist for 14 years, so I wanted to learn how I could help others with what I know. I am currently in a Lymph Drainage Therapy program through the Chikly Institute to become Lymphadema Certified. I will also be getting my Oncology Certification through Greet The Day soon. One step at a time.

Back in 2002, when I was first diagnosed, I was 27 years old. Not really understanding what I was up against, I did everything my oncologist wanted me to do. Lumpectomy, radiation, chemo and Herceptin. Done. I wanted cancer to be OUT of my life and I wanted to move on to the next chapter! So I decided I wanted to have children. Lucky for me, my girls are truly a gift.

Fast forward 9 years, at 36 years of age, I was diagnosed again with breast cancer! What the heck! Same spot, under the scar tissue of the lumpectomy. Who’d of thought? So this time I opted for bilateral mastectomy and had to do chemo once again. Poopy:( I also opted for immediate reconstruction with tissue expanders. Oh what fun! How uncomfortable are those things. So for almost 6 months, I had these hard foobs that I just couldn’t wait to have exchanged for softer foobies.

The pain of the mastectomy was quite unbearable. I have not taken as many pain killers for anything else. Childbirth was far easier! The healing processes is even slower after chemo! Cancer treatment is quite horrific if I might say so! The space where the breast tissue was has to heal and the expanders have to adjust to your body. Sleeping was never very comfortable, to say the least. So I really wanted a massage. Try to find someone that works with breast reconstruction women. Not so easy. I went to a couple of places and I would tell them what I’ve been through and what I needed. They all tried to help, but not so sure. So I went to Earthlite’s website and bought a comfort pillow with breast cut outs, so I could lay face down. My back would spasm quite frequently from all the scar tissue healing in the front and my pectoral muscles being stretched out.  I would bring this pillow with me to my massage and chiropractor appointments. It helped so much in my healing!


So that brings me to now. I am wanting to share my comfort breast pillow

with other women who are under going breast reconstruction and are needing a massage.

I am also into health and nutrition. I have been making my own fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, beet kvass and kombucha. I’ve been running and rebounding almost daily. In addition to having fun with my girls!

My goal is to be healthier then before cancer! And to feel GOOD all the time:)

So Pink Therapy is basically me sharing my breast cancer experience with you. Been there, done that twice. I am at your service.

Also, I am not limited to just breast cancer patients. My knowledge could benefit many others! Whether it be through therapy or support!

Thanks for reading:)

Humbly Yours,


7 thoughts on “What is Pink Therapy?

  1. Thanks for your blog – seems such valuable information in such a lovely gentle manner. I wish you luck and thank you for your service!


  2. Julie – I don’t know if this is where I should ask a question, but here goes. My friend and I were discussing what would be thoughtful or helpful to someone going through cancer (especially a second time). My friend came across some books written by someone diagnosed with cancer that seemed inspirational, uplifting and heck could help anyone making changes to their health, diet, outlook on life etc. Would that be something good or bad to send as a gift?


    1. Hi Karlyn!
      I think that would be great! Personally, I welcome anything that could be inspiring. What really helped me was having a sense of community. When I felt down and depressed, I knew there was always someone to talk to. Just being there for your friend will help. Encouraging healthy changes in lifestyle is great too. I think the book is a great idea! Good to hear from you and hope you are doing well:)


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