Types of Massage

002Swedish Massage– Long, smooth and soothing strokes. Helps the muscles unwind and relax. Enables the para-sympathetic system and helps to re-balances the body. Great for general aches and pains.

Deep Tissue Massage– Working deeper into the layers of muscle tissue and fascia using pressure and specific techniques to unlock wound up and bound areas. Great for specific areas of chronic pain. Specializing in neck, shoulders, low back and hip areas.

Prenatal & Post Natal Massage– Nurturing massage with special positioning for mother-to-be and new mothers to achieve the best possible comfort and well-being of mom and baby during this time. Helps reduce muscle tension in the neck and shoulders while also easing pressure on low back and hips. Regular massage during pregnancy encourages the body to find balance during this time of change. Also helps the body recover more quickly after birth.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy– Very light technique used to open and aid the lymphatic pathways of the body. This modality engages the para-sympathic system as well and encourages the body to move out of fight or flight mode. Great for stress, PTSD, insomnia, migraines, vertigo, clearing stagnation in the immune system and much more. Do you have chronic colds and flus? Try a few sessions to get things flowing.

Reiki– Hands on healing system that taps into the universal life force to assist in the body’s natural healing process. By balancing the body’s energy centers, deep relaxation is promoted on many levels.

Much of the time I use a combination of these techniques. I also may use hot stones and essential oils to accentuate your experience into deep levels of relaxation.



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